Terms and Conditions

The Special Terms of AL IMDAD Online Internet Service


• AL IMDAD: AL IMDAD including all its branches in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
• Client: A national or legal resident. In the singular or plural forms.
• Working Day: A day on which AL IMDAD is open and provides its services.
• Service: AL IMDAD Online Internet Service.

• These terms related to AL IMDAD Online internet service are applied in so far as they do not conflict with the Manual of General and Special Terms for Dealing with The Accounts.

1. AL IMDAD is offering this service through the Internet, utilizing the leading security measures, but AL IMDAD is not responsible for any errors that may occur due to the unprotected and open nature of the Internet networks. Therefore, the Client shall be solely responsible for all risks inherent in, or resulting from using the service which the Client has subscribed to.

2. The Client will be fully responsible for the maintenance of their PC, operations and communications costs.

3. The Client will be responsible for any failure in hardware / software that Client uses to access the service or any software / hardware that may negatively affect service security and/or service effectiveness or any PC viruses that may expose Client's credentials.

4. The Client may request to cancel the service by written request to AL IMDAD, AL IMDAD will suspend service during the 48-72 hours from the date of receipt the letter. AL IMDAD has the right to suspend the service at any time partially, and for any period of time without any prior notice to the Client, and without giving any reasons. In case the service is suspended completely the Client will be informed thereof.

5. AL IMDAD will not be responsible in the event of irregularity of the service; if non-operational or if inaccurate information is given through the service.

6. AL IMDAD may share information about the Client internally to provide the Client with information about new services.

7. AL IMDAD shall have the right not to perform any transaction if the Client does not have the requirements according to AL IMDAD terms and polices.

8. The Client can cancel the transaction by informing AL IMDAD with a formal cancelation letter.

9. Client cannot cancel any transaction that was requested and executed using the service.

a. When the Client selects to subscribe to Al IMDAD Online Service, AL IMDAD will provide the Client with a sealed envelope containing a User name, First Password to access and operate the service.

b. When the Client logs on to the service for the first time, the service prompts the Client to log his/her Contact information and change First Password mentioned in term (a) above.

11. If the Client suspects any transaction recorded in his/her financial transactions history / within the service options, the Client must inform AL IMDAD within 15 days, otherwise, the transaction is deemed to be performed on Client's behalf. Once reported AL IMDAD will investigate the matter, and will perform a thorough investigation. The Client will provide AL IMDAD with his/her user name, account number and transaction reference number and the Client will be informed of the result of these investigations as soon as possible.

12. The secure mail in the Online Internet Service is a means of acceptable dealing between AL IMDAD and the Client the Client must send secure messages to AL IMDAD through this service only. The Client is considered a recipient of any message AL IMDAD sends to the Client through the secure mail.

13. The service will be automatically locked in case log in password was entered incorrectly more often than allowed. The Client will have to refer to any of AL IMDAD to re-activate the service.

14. The Client should change the password periodically upon receiving them, and he/she is fully responsible for safeguarding his/her User Name, Password(s) and any other information provided to him/her by AL IMDAD. The Client undertakes to keep the relevant User Name and Password(s) as confidential and private, and keep them in separate secure places, and not to release them to anyone. The Client should exercise extreme caution when using the service on a PC in a public place or others sets. AL IMDAD shall not assume any responsibility or harm that may arise as a consequence to the misuse of this Service or due to the Client's breach of this obligation.

15. The Client understands completely that user name and passwords are considered the identification means to verify the Client's identity. Therefore, all transactions performed using them and anyone using them will be considered as performed by the Client. The Client shall be liable for all transactions performed by using his/her identification means and responsible for any change or loss until such time as AL IMDAD is able to suspend the service by a written notice received from the Client.

16. In case the Client suspects that another party is tampering with his/her accounts through the service, or he/she doubts that his/her user name and password are compromised by some other parties, the Client must inform AL IMDAD of this matter as soon as possible in writing or by the mean agreed upon between the Client and ALIMDAD. The Client shall be liable for any harm that may result due to the use user name and password until the date of informing AL IMDAD.

17. AL IMDAD shall have the right to change the instructions after prior notice to the Client (electronically / in writing) to Client's address held with AL IMDAD. If the Client uses the service after the change of the instructions with no written / electronic objection, the Client will be considered as agreeing thereto. Also, AL IMDAD has the right to change the technology used in the service(s) offered without prior notice and without giving any reasons to the Client.

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